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GNU Curriculum

Good News U curriculum is centered around the Bible, giving students a firm foundation upon which to build a solid ministry.
The curriculum focuses on two major components: Bible and Theology and Vocational Ministry.

The purpose of the Bible & Theology component exists to challenge the student’s approach to life. The purpose of the Vocational Ministry component is to enable students to formulate a biblical and practical philosophy of ministry that will be implemented in various areas of Christian service. Outside of class our students participate in 2 additional programs: Ministry of Helps and Ministerial Service Practicum.

Year 1 

- Ministry of Helps
- Bibliology
- The Art of Prayer
- Soul Winning 1
- New Testament Survey
- Servant Leadership
- Christology
- Old Testament Survey
- Pneumatology & Angelology
- The Force of Faith
- Eschatology & Ecclesiology
- Intro to Gospels and Acts
- The Power of Praise & Worship
- Soul Winning 2

Year 2

- Major Prophets
- Hermeneutics
- The Children’s Bread
- Soul Winning 3
- Intro to World Religions
- Ministerial Excellence
- Epistles I
- Minor Prophets
- Pentateuch
- Bible Finances
- Epistles II
- Intro to Church History
- Apologetics
- Soul Winning 4


Ministerial Service Practicum is one of GNU’s extra-curricular programs for students. Coined MSP, this practicum exists to provide students with hands-on experience in different ministry departments within the local church. Students can be assigned to pastors or GNC faculty and will perform tasks based on each department’s needs. Department assignments are changed twice yearly to maximize every student’s practical ministry portfolio. All full-time GNU students participate in MSP for 4 hours weekly. Scheduling is based on the student’s availability as well as the needs of their department or leader.

Ministry of Helps is another of GNU’s extra-curricular programs for students. Our Ministry of Helps practical is designed for students to receive hands-on experience in ministry through church service involvement as a supplement to what they learn in class. Through the Ministry of Helps practical, students serve their local church in their area of skill or interest. All students serve in a variety of church services throughout the month. Ministry Of Helps assignments are changed twice throughout the school year to ensure ministry experience growth and opportunity.

Soul Winning Lab takes place in both the first and fourth terms of every school year. Our Soul Winning Lab is designed to present biblical teaching and introduce practical application in how to engage lost people and win them to Jesus. Students will be involved in street evangelism, outreaches, flyering, preaching opportunities and various campaigns to bring the gospel to the city.  All of our students are encouraged to attend Soul Winning Labs, but it is required in the full-time curriculum.