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Year 1 Program

Term 1

Ministry of Helps
A Biblical understanding of the helps ministry in relation to the local church which works in conjunction with a world wide ministry.  This course will be taught from the principles found in the Word of God in relation to helping fulfill the vision of your local church.

Theology 1 - God & The Bible
A scriptural and historical study of the basic theological concepts of God’s existence, attributes and actions.  Also included, is an introduction to the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures and the reality of the trinity.

The Art of Prayer
A study of prayer in the life of Jesus and the various powerful prayers throughout Scripture. There will be an emphasis on prayer’s necessity in the life of the believer as well as key principles, procedure and efficacy of a fruitful prayer life.

Term 2

New Testament Survey
A historical and cultural look at the context of the New Testament. This course will pave the way into gaining a deeper understanding of the life of Christ, the establishment of the church, and the teachings concerning the believer’s faith in practice.

Servant Leadership
Discover Biblical principles that will develop and strengthen leadership qualities in and through their lives. This course will examine key leaders of the Bible to develop leadership strategies and a better understanding of God’s heart on servanthood and spirit-led leadership.

Theology 2 - The Person & Works of Christ
A scriptural and historical study of the basic theological concepts on God’s existence, attributes and actions, as well as an introduction to the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures and the reality of the trinity.

Term 3

Old Testament Survey
A survey of the entire Old Testament, to gain understanding of God’s redemptive plan for Israel, the events and prophecies that point towards the coming of Christ, the origins of man and the inclusion of the Gentiles in God’s plan; as well as explanations of the cultural and historical backgrounds of each book, and its major theological themes.

Theology 3 - The Gifts & Ministry of the Holy Spirit
An intensive study of the person and the work of the Holy Spirit with special attention given to its biblical context. Knowledge will be imparted about the baptism, gifts, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This course will also briefly touch upon the subject of Angelology: the study of Angels and Demons throughout the Bible.

The Force of Faith
A study on the significance of faith throughout the Scriptures, as well as its function and the fruits that faith produces in the life of the believer.

Term 4

Theology 4- The End Times & The Church
See the world and its events as they unfold through the Scriptures and through God’s plans for Israel, the Church, and the World, as well as the relevance of Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled in our time.

Intro to the Gospels & Acts
Walk through the pivotal events of history that shaped the social, religious, and political environment of the early church and Jesus’ time on earth. Examine the nature of the Gospels and the reasons why religious leaders opposed Jesus, the significance of the resurrection, and the key events that shaped the early church.

Power of Praise & Worship
An in-depth look on the origin, purpose and development of praise and worship throughout the Scriptures.